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Runjićeve večeri [2013] - Coco Cat Love

20:30 - 06.10.2013. (HNK Split) Runjićeve večeri [2013]
Jr August
Jr August
Coco Cat Love
Više o izvođaču:

J.R. August is a psychedelic-ragtime-blues singer/songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist from Zabok, Croatia. Born on 1/30/1989 in a small village surrounded by a forest, J.R. spends most of his time playing piano and writing melodies and poems.
Glazba: Zdenko Runjić
Stihovi: R. Petry
coco cat is comin' slowly
and he moans for he's alone
in his mouth he carries fishes
for his love but she is gone
coco's mad and he moans loudly
searched the kind of love he's never known he caught such a lot of fish for her now he eats it all alone

coco cat is the best love tomcat
and coco has many wives
oh they're lovely, all wear silky
he lived in their paradise
coco cat is comin' slowly
and he moans for he's alone
in his mouth is still their fish
for his love she's gone

coco cat oh coco cat
this cat love is so bad
she left you and you're alone
my pussy coco cat

on the white cliff near the sea
his love is with another cat
he's so angry, he's so livid
he's no more sad
coco cat oh coco cat
what will you do with her
let her go, oh let her go
she's not good for you
let her go away
but i'll hope you will stay with me
please be my
coco cat
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